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Home Fragrance Care Guide

Thank you for choosing Pearl Bay Wax Co. To ensure you get the best experience from your products whilst maintaining safety please follow our carefully written home fragrance care guide. If you are unable to find the answer to your question on here then please don't hesitate to contact us either by email or our Instagram @pearlbay_waxco

Wax Melt Care Guide

  • When using a tea light burner, make sure you are using a burner that is suitable for wax melts, it should have around 10cm between the base and the well. Keep your burner out of reach from children and pets and never leave it unattended whilst in use. Always place your burner on a flat, level and heat resistant surface away from flammable objects and drafts. Always place your burner in a well ventilated area and not too close to a wall.
  • Place your wax melt in the well of your burner. Light an unscented tealight and position it into the base of your burner. It is very important to note that we only recommend using 2hr or 4hr tealights. 8hr tea lights are dangerous to use as they can cause your burner to overheat and crack, they can also burn off the fragrance in your wax melt too quickly.

  • Wax melt burners become hot during use so do not touch or move your burner as heated wax can cause burns. You can melt and re-melt the same segment of wax until it has lost all of its fragrance, be careful not to overfill your burner to avoid risk of wax spillage.

  • To remove the wax wait for it to cool and harden. Simply light a tealight underneath for around 15-30 seconds. Gently press on one side of the wax and it will pop right out. Wipe the remaining wax with a paper towel or cotton pad. Never use any metal or other hard objects such as a spoon to remove the cooled wax as this can cause cracks in your burner.

  • When storing your wax melts, ensure that they remain sealed in their original packaging to preserve their scent in a cool, dark place. 

    Reed Diffusers

  • Unscrew the wooden lid and carefully remove the plastic plug inside of the bottle. 

  • Put your reeds inside the bottle for 30 seconds to soak one end and then flip them. We recommend starting with 8 reeds and depending on your preference of scent strength either decreasing or increasing the amount of reeds used.

  • Flip your reeds weekly to ensure a steady scent release and for best results place your diffuser in an area of your home with a lot of foot traffic.

  • A 100ml diffuser can last for up to 3 months depending on variables such as the amount of reeds used, the temperature of your home, if there any drafts near your diffuser and how often you flip the reeds.