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The Bedtime Box

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Product Description
Our bedtime box contains 4 unique scents, each of which represents a different stage of the perfect bedtime routine. All scents have been picked to promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety and set a calming tone in the bedroom.

Bath Babe (1 x 50g Deli Pot) - The perfect bedtime routine absolutely has to start with a bath! So it only makes sense for us to include a delicate and sweet soapy scent. This scent is a beautiful mix of sweetness and florals just like a real bubble bath.

Coconut Cream (1 x 40g Pack Of Stars) - You have to love the skin you're in! Reminiscent of a creamy, coconut body butter, this scent is deliciously sweet yet gentle.

Hot Chocolate (1 x 40g Sweet Heart) - Is there anything better before bed, than wrapping up in your dressing gown and reading a book with a delicious mug of hot chocolate? I think not!

Sweet Dreams (2 x 35g Moon Discs) - Finally time for bed. This scent is a beautiful infusion of lavender buds simmered in warm creamy milk gently stirred into sweet mouth watering white chocolate. Sweet Dreams!